Virtual Alumni Conference : Topic – Managing the psychological moment of your life

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Virtual Alumni Conference : Topic – Organisational lifecycle: Birth, maturity & Decline – September 11, 2022 – Join Us

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Alumni Newsletter – August Issue : Top stories in the Online Version

Download >>> The MUBS Alumni Online Newsletter – August [...]

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Nabbumba Phiona wins best footballer of the month award

Nabbumba Phiona has been elected the best football player [...]

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Addressing Poverty in Africa | Prof Waswa Balunywa

" Social businesses can end poverty in Africa" [...]

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Muhumuza is best MUBS student at the 72nd Mak Graduation

Ms. Muhumuza Julia has come out as MUBS best [...]

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Ending women marginalization in Uganda! | Prof. Waswa Balunywa

The Law – Legislation to ensure that there [...]

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Top 40 under 40 :  Byomire’s effort to eliminate barriers for PWDs

Ms. Byomire Gorretti was priviledged to be selected in [...]

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MUBS Alumnus elected Speaker of the 11th Parliament of Uganda

Anita Among was elected speaker of the 11th Parliament [...]

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Research : Published Articles

E-government or smart government and those using a Multi-Group [...]

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