It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” or you can call it “technical know who,” is one of the ways through which people get what they want or get to where they want to go. This phrase is very important even to University students. People to do get the “technical know who” overnight, they work for it, and this is done through networking. As University students, this is the time to create networks.

Aside from the school networks, you need to create networks with people who are in your feild of interest, people who are pursuing the same career as you desire, people you can look up to as mentors. Attend social events like Rotary, Rotaract, join associations that are in your career interest. These help you to learn from the practitioners and also market your self for the next vacancy at a desired organization.

As a student from Makerere University Business School, business networking should be one of the areas you look into because, whether at university, or later in your career, these networks could open doors for you that you would be unaware of.

Networking has got a number of benefits and these are some of them

  • Find information regarding your career, or a job you are interested in
  • Find someone who will give you advice on how to make your way into a desired industry
  • Establish contacts for future employment

or services

• Help initiate future business deals

• Get ideas from reputable professionals

• Impress potential employers as well as customers (if you have goods or services to sell)

Networking involves speaking to someone who is well respected and established in your chosen field, before hopefully securing future employment. Networking could be your entrance into your industry and help to pave the way for meetings and discussions about your future. Who knows, you may even get some ideas which lead you to go in a completely direction. Networking can lead you to all sorts of exciting opportunities, which may even help with your studies.

Sumaia Namuyingo

Asst. News Editor