Media reports indicate that Uganda is experiencing a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases. From 200 cases per day in April 2021, the country is now recording over 1,000 cases per day. It was also reported in the media that, on the week starting from 25 April, 2021, Uganda reported 256 cases. The week starting May, 2, 2021, that number went up to

  1. The week of May, 9, 2021, the number went to 475. And the week of May, 16, 2021, the number had reached 1,060.

Reports further reveal that the most affected group is people between the ages of 20 and 39 and the number of severely and critically ill COVID-19 patients is higher than it was in the first wave. It is further reported that, Kampala and Wakiso are among ten (10) districts that have recorded a high number of cases.

To note with concern that some people are not taking the situation serious and not observing the Standard Operating have reported to have been tested positive and that he gathers that several staff too have tested positive.

“This is to request you to kindly observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as recommended by the Ministry of Health. It is very important that we observe these SOPs so that we can prevent infections spreading in our midst.

Since lectures have ended, I recommend that as far as possible we stay at home and I request that the Deans and Heads of Department should report and ensure that only the staff that they require are available to perform the required tasks.

As the staff report, again  it is very important that they observe the SOPs as recommended. We love and we need you alive.

Please take care and ensure that you observe the SOPs.” He noted